Police department offers class on gun safety, shooting

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

ALBANY, Ga. -- By popular request, the Albany Police Department began instructing residents on the basics of responsible gun ownership Saturday.

The class was taught to 10 women and five men by Deputy APD Chief Mark Scott and Dougherty Judicial Circuit District Attorney Greg Edwards.

"The first two hours Greg taught the legality of gun responsibility. He explained when a gun could be used in self-defense and the open carry and concealed carry permits," Scott said. "The next two hours I covered gun safety, the responsible use of a gun, storage and how to stand, grip a gun and shoot at a target among other topics. We gave out free gun locks."

Scott brought a small arsenal of handguns with him to illustrate the typical types of guns and ammunition available. He had everything from .45 and .22 caliber pistols to a .380 semiautomatic.

He explained the impact of regular bullets vs. hollow points on the body and emphasized responsibility.

"You want to get the right gun. You don't want a gun that will shoot a bullet through someone, hit another person, go through a wall and then hit someone else," Scott said. "Because once that bullet leaves the gun, you are responsible for everything that bullet does."

After lunch class participants were prepared to go to a range for shooting practice.

"My husband is a police officer. I've had some training, but this gives me more," said Christina Moore. "This gives me more of the basic law and safety training."

Self-defense, safety and responsible gun ownership ranked high on students' lists of why they took the course.

"I just bought a gun, a .38 special," said Michelle Huskey. "I bought it for self-defense. I want to be a responsible, safe, knowledgeable gun owner. I want to do it the right way."