Guns stolen from local pawn shop

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany police are still investigating an early morning burglary that occurred at a pawn shop Tuesday, said Albany Police Department spokesperson Phyllis Banks.

Police have questioned two possible suspects in the burglary case, but no charges have been filed, authorities said.

Georgia Loan & Pawn owner Todd Faircloth said around 4 a.m.

Tuesday morning someone broke into his business and stole four rifles.

"They came in through a side door that used to have a window in it. We had put metal over it to try and prevent anyone from coming in, but they had a crow bar and they peeled the metal open and got in that way," said the pawn shop owner Tuesday during an interview with The Herald.

The thieves also damaged two of the pawn shop's gun cabinets and tried to pry open a locked display case in an effort to steal more weapons.

Faircloth said the business usually keeps guns locked up after business hours but the thieves managed to find rifles that were being stored in the pawn shop's office.

The suspects also damaged the building's power box, which had been ripped from the wall.

"I guess they thought they were knocking the power out by taking the meter off the building," said Faircloth. "Our alarm has a battery backup, so all it did was make the alarm go off."

According to Banks, APD officers were dispatched to the business on Stuart Avenue after the alarm was tripped by the burglars.

While officers were investigating, two possible suspects were seen in the apartment complex near the business.

Police apprehended one suspect while the other fled on foot. Banks said police questioned the suspect in custody and also a person of interest.

Authorities recovered some of the firearms stolen from Georgia Loan & Pawn and investigators said Tuesday that the investigation is still ongoing.

Faircloth said he is thankful for the alarm system going off and that he was going to repair and reinforce the damaged door Tuesday.


Cartman 3 years, 5 months ago

Part of the cost of doing business in Albany.


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