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Albany Tech women's hoops snags recruit from Chicago

Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

ALBANY -- The Albany Tech women's basketball program just got a whole lot taller.

Bianca Fennessee, a 6-foot-2 native of Chicao, Ill., and a graduate of George Washington High School, found her way to Southwest Georgia on Wednesday, signing a scholarships to play for the Lady Titans, who sorely needed some help down low after former Worth County star Ann Wilcher was thrust into the starting role as a freshman last year and was asked to handle the bulk of the duty in just her first season.

"That was kind of the purpose of the whole thing (by signing) Bianca," Titans coach Kenneth Williams said. "Ann logged a bunch of minutes last year and now we've some help for her."

Williams can thank the Turner Job Corps National Championship Tournament, which has been played in Albany for the last two years, for Fennessee's arrival.

When the Joliet (Ill.) Job Corps team played in the tournament two months ago, Williams was on hand to watch Fennessee put up big numbers -- she averaged 20 points and 12 rebounds through all of last season, and mimicked that in the tourney.

Fennessee said she enjoyed her brief stay in the area at the time, as well as the approach by Williams and assistant coach Brandon Dawkins.

"I thought Albany was really nice -- really hot -- but really nice," laughed Fennessee, who plans to major in cosmetology. "And I liked how coach Dawkins was all business; he and coach Williams were really on their stuff when it came to basketball. Plus, I wanted to move away from home and have that college experience. This was just the right fit for me."

Fennessee said she's aware of the role she'll play, and can't wait to get started when she enrolls in the fall.

"The coaches told me I would be a big asset in help out Ann," she said. "I think we're going to work well together."

Williams said the program, which returns 10 players from last year's team, will probably offer two more scholarships and then "get ready for the (2010-2011) season."