Bullet fragment hits woman

ALBANY -- After shooting at what witnesses described as an aggressive dog, a fragment of the bullet fired by a Dougherty County officer's gun hit a woman in the face.

Dougherty County Police Department Capt. Jim Sexton said DCP Officer Nanda Ross was responding to a call about an aggressive animal roaming around a South County Line Road neighborhood when the dog charged at her and a witness.

According to police documents, the call came in around 7 p.m. Friday and Officer Ross arrived at a residence on the 400 block of South County Line Road where she spoke to Martha Weston.

In her statements to Ross, Weston told the officer that a stray Doberman/Rottweiler mix had previously tried to attack her horse and her dog. The home owner said she had tried to call animal control earlier in the day but had no response.

Ross spotted the dog near Weston's garage and lowered her hand toward the dog in an attempt to see if the animal was friendly, said Sexton.

The officer tried to contact Dougherty County Animal Control again, but animal control officers were at other calls and could not make it to the scene.

According to police documents, the dog then came back around the home and started to charge at Weston and Ross while growling and snapping.

"Ms. Weston was standing five feet to the right of Ms. Ross and 15-20 feet in front of her when Ross fired her weapon," Sexton said.

Ross shot at the dog and a fragment of her bullet struck Weston in the jaw.

According to her statements to officers, Weston said she believed Ross had to shoot the dog or she would have been attacked.

EMS treated Weston at the scene and removed the bullet fragment from her face. She did not need any other treatment.

After Ross fired her gun, the dog ran away again yelping and the officer called for back-up.

The dog was put down by another officer that had arrived at the scene and was transported to the humane society to be tested for rabies, Sexton said.