Sylvester police still searching for missing suspect

SYLVESTER -- A search continues for a missing suspect that evaded police capture after he and another suspect wrecked their motorcycles during a chase from Sylvester police.

Sylvester Police Department Sgt. Nathaniel Newton said Monday during a telephone interview with The Herald that one of the suspects was apprehended, but another was able to get away.

According to authorities, Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins saw two men on motorcycles speeding down Highway 82 heading east from Albany Sunday evening.

The two suspects were quickly followed by local authorities and a chase ensued down Highway 82 soon after.

"The officers had turned on their blue lights and sirens, but they (the suspects) refused to stop," said Newton.

Police said that when trying to turn sharply, the two suspects bumped each other and one of the suspects crashed his bike on Houston Griffin Road. The suspect then fled on foot and was able to evade police in the nearby woods.

Although authorities were unable to apprehend the fleeing suspect, Newton said they were able to determine that his abandoned bike had been reported stolen from Albany.

The second suspect, who was able to recover from hitting his accomplice, continued to evade police by speeding down Highway 112 through Poulan.

"Poulan police then took over and chased the suspect back to Albany and Highway 82," Newton said.

The second suspect soon followed his partner's lead and eventually crashed into a pickup truck near the former Cooper Tire plant in Dougherty County.

However, the second suspect wasn't as lucky as his accomplice. This time police were able to capture the suspect who was severely injured with a broken leg.

"He is currently in the hospital at Phoebe Putney receiving treatment," said Newton.

Authorities said Monday that charges are pending on the suspect.

More information on the suspect, including a name, was not immediately available Monday.

Newton said authorities in Worth and Turner counties are still searching for the missing suspect.