Inmate escapes from jail

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

TIFTON, Ga. -- An inmate escaped from the Tifton County Jail only to be captured and returned to the jail 15 minutes later.

David Haire, public information officer for the Tift County Sheriff's Office, said Monday that Keith Marcus Carridine was quickly apprehended by deputies after the inmate managed to escape from the facility.

According to Haire, the 22-year-old inmate managed to climb through ceiling tiles in the dropped ceiling of the jail's restroom around 11 p.m. Friday. Carridine stands 5-foot-5 and weighs 135 pounds.

Deputies were alerted to Carridine's intention to escape when they heard movement in the ceiling.

"There are deputies all stationed around the jail who heard him moving in the ceiling," Haire said. "They knew he would have to come down somewhere in the building they just didn't know where."

Carridine finally fell from the ceiling into the building's administration area where he managed to get out of a side entrance. Emergency procedures were initiated and the area was sealed.

"He (Carridine) ran outside and deputies were right behind him," Haire explained. "He climbed a chain-link fence with razor wire on top of it and was able to cross the two-lane road into a small wooded area across from the jail."

Deputies found Carridine in the woods and brought the inmate back to the jail.

Carridine had been incarcerated since December 2009 on armed robbery charges.

Tift County authorities said they are taking a critical look at the incident and current protocols.