Grand jury indicts for vehicular homicide

ALBANY, Ga. -- The grand jury indicted two men in connection with the death of 66-year-old Roosevelt Cooley on Jan. 16.

Antwan Jermaine "Obesi" Fields, 37, and Terry Roberson, 34, were indicted for vehicular homicide Wednesday, said Greg Edwards, Dougherty Judicial Circuit district attorney.

Cooley, a hearing-impaired man, was crossing West Oglethorpe Boulevard when he was hit by two cars, Albany Police Department officers reported. Police arrested Roberson as the driver. Fields was arrested for repairing incriminating damage to the car.

The grand jury also indicted cousins Dremoskie Hunt and Michael Stephens, both 21, for aggravated assault in an April 6 shootout, Edwards said.

"Michael Stephens pointed a gun at Brittany Harrell (22) then shots were fired at Dremoskie Hunt," police Detective Arthur Tyler said at the time. "Mr. Hunt went and retrieved a gun somewhere in the back yard and opened fire, then began to shoot at Stephens."