Shooting victim, 19, remains critical

ALBANY, Ga. -- The victim of a 1 a.m. Wednesday shooting remains in critical condition but is improving, said Phyllis Banks, Albany Police Department spokeswoman.

"Police have also found the weapon, a .45-caliber pistol," Banks added.

Apparently on a visit to a friend's apartment on 2010 West Broad St., Albany State University student Jasmine McCreary, 19, was shot in the head when a bullet came through the wall, a police supplemental report stated.

Dantevius DeAndre Pryor, 21, was charged with aggravated battery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony in connection with the shooting. He remains in Dougherty County Jail with no bail, a jail spokeswoman said.

The shooting remains under investigation, Banks said.

McCreary was sitting at a dining room chair at the dining room table in front of a laptop computer, the police report continued. When the police examined the dining room they saw blood and found the bullet past the chair McCreary sat in, it added.

"We saw a gunshot in the right side of the walk-in closet. We then saw a bullet hole through the guest bathroom, one in the hall and one in the dining room's wall," the report continued. "After seeing four gunshot holes we then saw the slug just north of the flipped over chair in the dining room."

There are several ways the charges of aggravated assault could apply in a situation where a person is shot while in another residence and unknown to the shooter, said Greg Edwards, Dougherty Judicial Circuit district attorney.

"One of the ways that can occur is transferred intent," said Edwards without reference to this particular case. "If someone shoots at another in one room and misses, then hits someone in another residence, the intent follows the bullet. It can be aggravated assault against the victim."