Kitchen inspections May 30, 2010

These establishments were inspected by the Dougherty County Environmental Health Office May 19-24.

The department scores on a 100-point scale with a score of 80 or greater considered to be passing.

Businesses and Agencies inspected are required to post score sheets where the public can see them. To contact the health office, call (229) 438-3943.

MAY 19

Domino's Pizza, 2405 Dawson Road

Score: 100

Hampton Inn, 806 N. Westover Blvd.

Score: 100

Jackson Heights Elementary, 1305 E. Second Ave.

Score: 100

Monroe High School, 900 Lippitt Drive

Score: 100

Pebbles Country Kitchen, 1939 S. Jackson St.

Score: 96

Notes: No thermometer provided for reach in coolers -- open dumpster lid.

MAY 20

Albany Elks Club, 3213 Gillionville Road

Score: 100

Hot Dog King No. 3, 110 Cordele Road

Score: 92

Notes: No written employee health plan -- equipment and utensils not properly air-dried -- wet cloths used to line bottom of reach in cooler at cold hold station -- bathroom not enclosed with tight-fitting, self-closing doors -- build up dust/debris on ceiling -- soil build up on wall behind mop/bathroom station -- seal opening in wall above breaker box -- build up of dust/debris on vents.

Maryland Fried Chicken, 207 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 80

Notes: Sliced tomatoes, raw chicken found stored in reach in cooler uncovered -- build up of encrusted soiled material on soda dispensing nozzles at drive through -- potentially hazardous food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit -- wiping cloth chlorine sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength -- most recent inspection report not posted -- in use utensil in nonpotentially hazardous food not stored with handle above top of food within a closed container -- ice scoop with handle in contact with ice at drive through -- soiled reach in cooler, and warming unit in need of cleaning -- soiled reach in cooler gaskets.

Sno Biz, 2401 Dawson Road

Score: 100

MAY 21

St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 801 Swift Ave.

Score: 94

Notes: No written employee health policy -- ceiling title in kitchen, restores must be smooth.

May 24

Little Jamaican Restaurant/Anne is the Caterer, 239 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.

Score: 84

Notes: No soap provided at handwash sink in kitchen -- food not marked with date for disposal -- potentially hazardous food thawed in standing water -- wet wiping cloth not stored insanitizing solution between uses -- chicken being thawed/prepaid in vegetable sink -- ice scoop with handle in contact with ice -- reuse of single-service articles -- bathroom not enclosed with tight fitting doors.

Waffle House, 722 N. Westover Blvd.

Score: 85

Notes: Eggs cold holding above 41 degrees above grill -- no permit displayed -- tartans with food not covered.

One Trick Pony, 2538 Dawson Road

Score: 99

Notes: Trashcan containing food not stored covered.