Police/Fire/EMS - May 30, 2010

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany police responded to at least 31 incidents Friday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Burglary, theft of about $3,000 worth of electronics including computers and video games on the 2700 block of McClain Lane;

-- Theft by taking a purse with $50 in it during a party on the 3100 block;

-- Theft by receiving stolen property on the 2000 block of West Gordon Avenue;

-- Battery on the 1000 block of North Maple Street;

-- Sexual battery on the 1600 block of Malone Drive;

-- Burglary on the 3200 block of Fernridge Drive, the 300 block of East Society Avenue, and the 2300 block of Sharon Drive;

-- Assault (family violence) on the 2000 block of Coves Court and the 500 block of Pinson Avenue;

-- Violation of public order (family violence) on the 100 block of Agnes Avenue;

-- Violation of family violence order on the 1700 block of Gillespie Avenue;

-- Simple battery (family violence) on the 500 block of 10th Avenue;

Domestic (unfounded) on the 2000 block of Whispering Pines Road.


Dougherty County police responded to at least 18 calls, according to police reports.

Police responded to incidents including:

-- Family violence (verbal) on the 3500 block of Blue Springs Road;

-- Theft of a purse containing$2,000, a cell phone and numerous credit cards on the 2400 block of Liberty Expressway;

-- Burglary, theft of an Echo gas pole saw, a Sears string trimmer and a generator all valued at $1,260 on the 3300 block of Sylvester Road;

-- Animal investigation about cats from neighbor's yard coming onto property on the 1300 block of Plains Lane.

-- Compiled by Pete Skiba