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Dougherty County to 'Get Fit For Life'

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Dougherty County Health Department, as part of its monthly luncheon and lecture series, will host an educational session Friday emphasizing how nutrition and exercise contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

"It's to empower and motivate individuals to get fit and live longer and healthier lives," said Alice Rodman, Dougherty's public health nurse specialist. "We want to promote healthier behavior."

It has been said that a proper diet along with exercise can result in a favorable energy balance and a healthier mental status. Improving physical fitness overall can also prevent disease and disability, and result in more engagement in life.

"If you are living healthy, you will be able to function better," Rodman said. "Research shows that it (physical fitness) lowers peoples' risk of chronic disease.

"They (people who stay fit) have a more positive outlook."

The guest speaker will be Kent Grissom, fitness trainer at American Body Works.

The motivation for the lecture also comes from the well-known fact that obesity is one of the factors crippling health outcomes for residents of Southwest Georgia.

"The population here still has a lot of the home-cooked meals where we use traditional menus rather than healthier options," Rodman said. "We are also more sedentary than other regions of the country.

"If you are obese or overweight, your body is under stress already."

Doing something simple as talking a walk around the neighborhood can make a big difference.

"You can live a long life and not be healthy," Rodman said. "I think everyone wants to be healthy."

The lecture has been dubbed "Get Fit for Life." It is set for noon-1 p.m. in the health department's education center. Those interested in attending are encouraged to register by Thursday afternoon.

The health department is located at 1710 S. Slappey Blvd. For more information or to register, call (229) 430-6230.