Dougherty school system to run ads at theater

Photo by Jennifer Parks

Photo by Jennifer Parks

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Dougherty County School System is set on doing more to uplift its public image.

Beginning Nov. 19, the system will have three 30-second advertising spots showing at Carmike Cinemas Wynnsong 16.

"The important piece is that our message will get out," said DCSS Public Information Officer R.D. Harter. "There is still progress to be made, and there is progress being made."

The spots, which will lead into every movie shown at the theater, are expected to focus on things such as the system's rising graduation rate and declining dropout rate. One spot is also expected to feature Michael Lomax, a Westover High School graduate and the first Dougherty County student to win the PAGE (Professional Association of Georgia Educators) State STAR Student of the Year award.

"This is a chance to market what we are doing in the Dougherty County School System," noted Superintendent Joshua Murfree at the system's board meeting Monday.

The school system has a six-month contract with the theater. The spots were produced in coordination with local WFXL-TV, Harter said.

Harter also said that the system is starting work on a midyear supplement to be completed next month and distributed after the first of the year.

Also at the system's board meeting, two figures were formally introduced to the community: Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Goseer and Dianne Daniels, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

"It's been great," Goseer, a former Terrell County Middle School principal, said of his first few days on the job. "I've been received by everyone here. I definitely want to be the right arm to Dr. Joshua Murfree.

"I'm looking forward to contributing to the school system."

Goseer began his new position on Nov. 1. Daniels left the board room before a Herald reporter was able seek comment from her.