Trio guilty in Camp murder

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- A jury took less than three hours to find three men guilty of murder for the shooting of Jack Camp on March 14, 2007, at the Regency Apartments in Albany.

Darrell Anderson, 33, Christopher Ingram, 22, and Dontavious Wilson, 23, face life in prison after a felony murder guilty verdict was handed down at around 6:30 p.m. in the Albany-Dougherty Judicial Building.

Wilson, the triggerman, was also convicted of malice murder, Dougherty Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Deeb said after the verdict was announced.

"The judge sent the jury to deliberate at about 3 (p.m.) The judge called the jury back at 5:30 and asked if they wanted to go home until Saturday. The jury said they wanted to finish," Deeb said. "The judge said he will sentence at a later date."

The verdict was an answer to a prayer for Larry Camp, Jack's father.

"I prayed to the Lord that they (the jury) would find the truth," Larry Camp said when the jury went into deliberations. "I have to accept whatever the jury finds."

During closing arguments, Deeb listed more than five witnesses who testified either seeing the three at the crime scene or hearing them brag about the crime. Deeb pointed out their testimony corroborated each other.

Defense attorneys for the trio offered their own versions of the crime. They called the witnesses against their clients unreliable; at least one was called an "alcoholic drug addict." The others, they claimed, had been bought and paid for with deals for reduced sentences on unrelated charges.

The jury didn't buy those arguments.

The story that held the jury in its grasp came from District Attorney Gregory Edwards. He called the defendants liars, drug dealers and murderers.

According to Edwards, Camp, acting as a security guard at the apartment complex where he lived, saw the three men and called 911 to alert police of a possible drug sale.

To protect their drug business, Ingram carried a .38-caliber pistol, Edwards said. When Anderson told his partners Camp was calling the police, Ingram passed the pistol to Wilson.

Then, Edwards told the jury, Wilson shot Camp in the face. His body was left in the road.