Child molestors heading to prison

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- A man who pleaded guilty to child molestation in Dougherty Superior Court will be at least 73 by the time he gets out of prison.

Another child molester found guilty by a jury of child molestation in an unrelated case faces sentencing Nov. 29.

Kenneth Clyde, 53, of Albany, pleaded guilty Monday to molesting two girls, ages 3 and 12 years old. He was sentenced Tuesday to a minimum of 20 years in prison, court officials said.

Assistant District Attorney Cania Brown-Gordon, who handled the prosecution, expects he'll serve the maximum of 40 years.

"I think he'll be 93 when he gets out," Brown-Gordon said. "I just believe it. We were just starting to pick a jury when he decided to take a plea."

Ronnie Brown, 47, was found guilty by a Dougherty trial jury of child molestation and sexual battery of a child under 16 on Nov. 10, Chief Assistant District Attorney Heather Lanier said. Brown-Gordon also prosecuted Brown, she added.

The child Brown attacked was 10 at the time of the molestation in 2008, Brown-Gordon said. He is scheduled to appear before Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette on Nov. 29 for sentencing.

Although his previous felony convictions are not related to child molestation, Brown will be sentenced as a recidivist felon, Brown-Gordon said. The parents of the molested girl will have the opportunity to speak at sentencing, she added.

"We are pleased with the two convictions," Brown-Gordon said. "It is really good to take two child molesters off the streets."