City, WG&L sued over MEAG funds

ALBANY, Ga.: Three Albany Water, Gas & Light Commission rate payers are seeking class action status in a lawsuit filed against the city of Albany and WG&L, claiming that they two entities knowingly violated terms of a trust agreement on how $70 million in revenues generated by rate payers would be dispersed.

The suit filed in Dougherty Superior Court Thursday afternoon seeks a temporary injunction against the city and WG&L to keep them from "further damaging the plaintiffs," in the case as the suit moves forward.

The suit, filed on behalf of Dianne Carr, Ardessa Floyd and P.J. Fabrics, contends that city leadership broke a contract with the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia's Competitive Trust by amending the city charter in 2009 to allow revenues flowing back into the city from the fund ---- which was a hedge against deregulation --- to the benefit of the taxpayer rather than as relief to the rate payer, who paid the money in originally.