Panel forwards DCSS projects

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Dougherty County School Board's Building and Grounds Committee had a full plate of projects to consider at its meeting Friday morning.

The first one on the agenda was possible security fencing around a portion of Dougherty International Middle School inside the existing fence near where the cafeteria and gymnasium are.

"There have been people in the apartment complex on the other side walking onto the campus, as well as kids walking down the asphalt while buses are going by," said Bob Fowler, assistant director of facilities and capital for the Dougherty County School System.

"This is to file them out."

The fence is expected to be six feet tall and take three weeks to complete once it receives board approval. "The contractor has enough resources to where they can start immediately," said DCSS Construction Manager Tony Reese.

The committee voted to recommend approval by the School Board for Long Fence Company Inc. from Atlanta to complete the job for a lump sum bid of $18,500. Funding for the project will be taked from special-purpose, local-option sales tax dollars.

The committee also looked into fencing at Turner Elementary School -- specifically for its new playground.

"We've had kids coming into the campus on the weekends and scattering pea gravel around," Fowler said. "The principal e-mailed Mr. (Robert) Lloyd and the superintendent (inquiring about) a six-foot fence.

"Normally, we would do a four-foot fence around an elementary school playground."

After hearing recommendations from Fowler and Reese on the matter, the committee opted to bring before the board the option of building a four-foot fence with at least one pass-through.

"I don't think a six-foot fence would be appropriate for an elementary school playground," Reese said. "If you put a fence up, just having it there will deter (potential theft)."

There is no evidence to suggest anybody has attempted to steal playground equipment from the premises, Fowler said. The bid for the project is expected to go to Shipp & Sons Fence Co. for $4,030.

While Fowler was giving a progress report on other ongoing projects, he suggested the committee consider a re-roofing project for Sylvester Road Elementary School -- which officials say is something that is badly needed.

"It (the roof) has been leaking since it's been up there," Fowler said. "This is something we need to get going now."

More than 20 years ago, a metal roof was built on top of the original roof. It tends to leak whenever it rains, a problem that is usually solved by patching up holes as they appear -- which is no longer considered a cost-effective method.

"There has been $50,000 put into that roof to keep it from leaking," Fowler said.

In light of that, the recommendation Fowler and Reese brought before the committee was to either take off the metal roof, as well as the one underneath, in order to put a new one on -- or restructure the frame of what it already in place.

At this time, all that this been done for this project is preliminary drawings. The committee requested an estimate for the job be pulled together, and then take the next step in getting the ball rolling.

Board members Michael Windom, David Maschke and James Bush make up the Building and Grounds Committee.