Georgia Supreme Court suspends Leesburg attorney

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

LEESBURG, Ga. --The Georgia Supreme Court has issued an order barring an embattled Leesburg attorney and former congressional candidate from practicing law until he receives a court-ordered review panel reprimand.

As first reported at albanyherald.com, the Georgia Supreme Court has temporarily suspended Craig Mathis' law license until he receives the reprimand by finding him in contempt after he failed to show up for the hearing earlier this year, according to the opinion.

"Although Mathis admitted the violations and requested the reprimand, and was notified of the reprimand in accordance with Bar Rule 4-207 (a), he failed to appear at the date and time specified for the reprimand without submitting a written request to be excused from appearing.

Therefore, the Court hereby suspends Mathis from the practice of law from the date of this opinion until such time as the reprimand is administered," the opinion states.

The suspension comes after Mathis called for a voluntary review panel reprimand after he admitted that he violated state bar rules when he failed to adequately represent the interests of a client involved in a child custody dispute in May 2007, court documents show.

On March 15, the court ordered that Mathis appear before the review panel.

The suspension comes as Mathis is fighting his own personal legal troubles. On March 19 -- the same week the court called for the review panel to review his professional conduct -- GBI and Lee County Sheriff's deputies arrested Mathis and jailed him on drug-related charges.

Mathis has since been indicted on one count each of possession of a schedule one or two drug with intent to distribute and possession of a schedule four drug.

Mathis missed a November 10 calendar call hearing during which his case was to be considered for placement on the December 5 court calendar, court officials say.

Mathis is a former prosecutor and ran for U.S. Congress in 1994 against now U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss.