Liberty House continues Adopt-A-Family program

ALBANY -- Sometimes in the rush to celebrate the holidays the victims of domestic violence are forgotten -- but not by the people at Liberty House.

For the sixth year in a row, Liberty House staff and volunteers will provide for the needs of the abused women, children and, at times, men in Dougherty County and 15 other counties.

Liberty House could use help with donations.

"Last year, through the assistance of community businesses and families, Liberty House provided assistance to 45 families," said Silke Deeley, the organization's executive director. "Through the Adopt-A-Family program, mothers and children were sheltered and provided with support and assistance to make their Christmas a happy time during difficult circumstances."

To adopt a family, give call Nona Singleton at (229) 439-7094.

Donations can also be sent to P.O. Box 2046, Albany, Ga. 31702. Credit card donations are accepted through Pay Pal at the website, libertyhouseofalbany.com.

Deeley stressed holidays are "a prime time for a rise in domestic violence.

Abuse perpetrators are affected by the holiday forces as much as any of us.

But because of certain attitudes and beliefs, abusers can permit themselves to behave with heightened irritability, making the holidays an especially anxious time for victims of abuse and their children. When stress is high, abusers tend to feel their abuse is excusable. Excessive alcohol consumption is also an added factor."

Deeley advise to watch for three behavior patterns that typically emerge into abuse:

Self-centeredness, entitlement, and refusal to negotiate:

These tendencies can turn holiday decision making into a disaster.

Rejection of responsibility:

Taking responsibility for negative behavior and admitting mistakes is hard for must of us. Abusers seem to be particularly prone to putting the responsibility on others.

Competition and self-victimization:

Abusive people often perceive family relationships in terms of who gets the most attention.

So many women may excuse the actions of their abusers because "the holidays just get to him," Deeley said. There is no excuse for violence, no matter when it happens.

Liberty House is available to assist year round, 24 hours a day at (229) 439-7065.