ADICA board member quits

ALBANY -- Elvis Muldrow, a soft-spoken, yet consistent voice on the board that oversees downtown development, has decided to resign his position, officials say.

Muldrow, who sits on the board of trustees for the Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority, said in his letter of resignation dated Sept. 20, that his decision comes on the heels of a planned redevelopment of his property downtown and that he is resigning to avoid any possible conflict-of-interest issues that may arise.

"I believe my resignation is the appropriate and ethical course of action to take because of the potential conflicts of interest that may arise due to the redevelopment plans of property that I have an interest in," he writes.

The board will officially accept Muldrow's letter at their Wednesday meeting.

First appointed in 2008 by the City Commission through way of a nomination by Commissioner Tommie Postell, Muldrow weathered the tenure of former downtown manager Don Buie and was active in the restructuring and implementation of ethics policies and spending safeguards following Buie's indictment and subsequent guilty plea to fraud charges.

Muldrow leaves the board on the cusp of a vital period of transition for the board, who, in the coming months, appears poised to appoint a new downtown manager in former Florida developer D. Aaron Blair.

It's something Muldrow expressed with regret in his letter.

"I am certain the appointment of a new downtown manager/ADICA executive director, as well as the formation of the TAD review committee, gives downtown Albany a bright future," he writes.

Interim Downtown Manager James Taylor said that the city clerk's office would likely begin soliciting applications from those interested to serve on the board in the coming days.