Police/fire/EMS - Oct. 14, 2010

ALBANY, Ga -- Albany police responded to at least 26 incidents Tuesday into the early hours of Wednesday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Simple battery on the 600 block of Corn Avenue;

-- Identity theft on the 100 block of Whittlesy Court;

-- Forgery on the 2500 block of North Slappey Boulevard;

-- Theft by taking on the 400 block of Slappey Boulevard, the 2000 block of Slappey Boulevard and the 900 block of Riley Street;

-- Motor vehicle theft on the 1700 block of Avalon Avenue and the 1500 block of South Valencia Drive;

-- Burglary on the 2500 block of Crescent Drive and the 1500 block of West Highland Avenue;

-- Entering auto on the 200 block of Pinebluff Road, the 200 block of East Oglethorpe Boulevard and the 2700 block of Dawson Road;

-- Simple assault (domestic) on the 1300 block of Hobson Street;

-- Simple battery, simple assault (family violence) on the 600 block of West Society Avenue;

-- Terroristic threats (domestic) on the 100 block of of Old Blaylock Street;

-- Vandalism (family violence) on the 300 block of Slater King Drive;

-- Simple battery (domestic) on the 1100 block of 13th Avenue.


Emergency medical services responded to 55 calls Tuesday. There were 40 medical calls, 14 trauma calls and one other call. Medical calls included five chest pains, five respiratory problems, one faint, one diabetic complaint, one seizure, three obstetrics, one mental problems, four miscellaneous pain calls and 19 various medical. Trauma calls included nine vehicle crash injuries, three lacerations, a gunshot and one fight/assault. Other calls are typically standby for other units and patient transport.