Regents ban illegal immigrants from some Georgia colleges

The State Board of Regents voted Wednesday to prohibit illegal immigrants from attending any college that has rejected academically qualified applicants for the past two academic years because of a lack of space or other issues.

The vote means Georgia will join South Carolina as the only states banning illegal immigrants from public colleges. South Carolina bans these students from all public colleges, while Georgia's rules will apply to some campuses.

The list of barred campuses can change over time but the regents said the following are impacted immediately: UGA, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Medical College of Georgia and Georgia College & State University.

Before the meeting, about 20 people organized a protest and urged the regents to vote against the ban. The group included students, professors and representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union. They called the ban "un-American" and carried signs that read: "Education not deportation!" and "Board of Regents, do the right thing, please don't ban me!"

The regents also ordered all 35 campuses in the University System of Georgia to verify the legal presence in the U.S. for any admitted student seeking in-state tuition rates. Illegal immigrants are required to pay the higher out-of-state tuition rates.


lsk1 3 years, 8 months ago

What part of "illegal immigrant" makes it ok to be here to go to college any way? Should be banned from all state colleges. S.C. has it right. There are student visas. Go through the correct channels.


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