Halloween to come a day early for Albany

ALBANY, Ga. -- When should you go asking for Halloween treats this month? The answer's a little tricky.

In most metro Albany communities, officials want children to do their trick-or-treating Oct. 30 -- All Hallows Eve Eve, so to speak.

Halloween falling on a Sunday has long been a controversy when it happens, which it does this year. In Albany, city officials fielded numerous inquiries from the public over the past few days before deciding to move the observance from Oct. 31 to Oct. 30.

"The city manager's office has received many calls about trick or treating on Saturday, Oct. 30, or Sunday, Oct. 31," Assistant City Manager West Smith said Friday afternoon. "After some deliberation, this office would like to formally recommend that this community carry out this tradition on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010."

That is the case in other nearby communities as well. Leesburg, Camilla and Newton have made Oct. 30 their "official" day for Halloween. Officials reached in Sylvester and Dawson on Friday afternoon didn't have any information on whether trick-or-treating would be moved up a day in their respective towns.

Smith said the primary considerations in making the decision in Albany were the safety of children and the early start young trick-or-treaters would have to their day Nov. 1.

"Many factors come in to play, but most importantly public safety combined with school the next day," Smith said. "Please help spread the word so that we can have a safe and enjoyable time for our kids.