'Keys to Doghouse' returns to D-W

ALBANY, Ga. -- The University of Georgia is bringing a bit of the college life to Albany for its second annual "Keys to the Doghouse" event.

The event, which is geared toward helping students understand the ins and outs of the college application and admissions process, will be held at Deerfield-Windsor's Henry Gym, 2500 Nottingham Way, at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

DeeDee Willcox, college counselor for Deerfield-Windsor and a 1994 UGA grad, said more than 250 people attended "Keys to the Doghouse" last year, which surpassed attendance records for the state.

"This is the second year we are hosting the event, and anyone from any school can come to learn more about the college admissions process," the D-W counselor said.

Admissions officials from UGA will be available to discuss the latest things going on at the university and what steps students and parents can take to help the students get into competitive schools like Georgia.

Willcox said the event is geared toward students in grades 7-12 and will last for about an hour.

"Parents and students will be able to learn what UGA is looking for (in prospective students), like the importance of GPA, the rigor of the curriculum they are taking and the admissions process," she added.

The event will also have a question-and-answer session for those who require specific information about UGA.

Last year's "Keys to the Doghouse" presenter was University of Georgia Admissions Counselor D. Carey Clinton, who stressed the importance of preparing students for the competitive world of college admissions.

"Because it is getting more and more competitive, we want the students to be knowledgeable about what they have to plan for, as well as the parents," Clinton said last year. "For some, the University of Georgia is where they always wanted to go and they might have three alumni (connections), but in this day and age students with parents as alumni don't have a leg up. For some of them, they might not know the competitiveness of each individual class, and the competitiveness of each individual class changes based on the applications in the class."

The "Keys to the Doghouse" informational session is presented by the Albany chapter of the UGA Alumni Association.