Georgia-Kentucky game can be viewed different ways today

The CSS Network, home to tonight's 7:30 p.m. showdown between Georgia and Kentucky, can only be viewed -- according to an e-mail from the Georgia Sports Information Office received by The Herald on Thursday -- "on Comcast and Charter Cable systems or affiliated cable systems to Charter and Comcast."

That, meanwhile, poses a problem for those in Southwest Georgia who subscribe to Mediacom, which does not carry CSS on its normal package or even its expanded sports package. To see the game, the only option Mediacom subscribers have is to view the game at ESPN3.com, which is ESPN's Internet channel that broadcasts games each weekend that can't be viewed anywhere else.

The only stipulation, however, is you must be an ESPN3.com subscriber to watch the game. You can sign up at ESPN3.com and start watching games the same day. Cost varies.

Now, if you are a DISH Network or DirecTV customer, CSS is also not part either provider's regular package, but CSS is offered if you order the ESPN GamePlan package, which can be done by calling your respective satellite TV provider.

Be advised, however, that while you can order ESPN3.com and un-subscribe, once you order ESPN GamePlan, you can't cancel it after the game is over. Instead, you'll pay for it at a prorated amount for the remainder of the college football season.