Web Correction: Alleged stolen car causes building fire

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

ALBANY, Ga. --- Police officials say they're still looking for an individual involved in what they say was a car theft that inadvertantly led to a house fire Sunday morning.

Monday, the Herald incorrectly reported on its website that Gails Lingerie at 930 West Broad Avenue had been damaged by fire after a car, which was believed to be stolen, crashed early Sunday morning based on a police report.

The report lists 930 West Broad Avenue as the incident location for the theft of the vehicle that was involved the crash. Gail's owner, Gail Tymes, told the Herald Tuesday that her building was not involved in the crash.

The report states that officers responded to the fire at 503 N. Cleveland Avenue. The officer further reports that it appears that the car left the roadway and crashed into a carport, damaging a parked car and sparking a fire that damaged the home.

While the driver of the vehicle fled before police arrived, police did make contact with the vehicle's owner who reportedly told police that it had been stolen from 930 West Broad Avenue earlier that night.

APD Spokesperson Phyllis Banks said Tuesday that police officials now believe the car may have been stolen from a building next door to the business. Tymes said she wasn't aware of any of her customers having a car stolen from near her business.