Two robbed at motel

ALBANY, Ga. -- Two men forced their way into a room at America's Best Value Inn on North Slappey Boulevard early Tuesday, victimizing a young mother and her child, Albany Police Department officials said.

At 1:19 a.m. Tuesday, police said, the robbers made their way into Room 234. They then took a personal safe and fled. In the room at the time was Amy Peters, 23, and her 4-year-old daughter, Destiny Peters. No injuries were reported. Authorities are still looking into the details of the incident.

"We are making contact with other witnesses and reviewing (surveillance) tapes," said Lt. Eddie Jones, an investigator with the Albany Police Department.

The culprits were both described as white men in their 20s. The gunman was roughly 6 feet tall and weighed 180 pounds, while his accomplice was 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8.

"Ms. Peters indicated she may not have closed the door all the way," Jones explained. "She went back to secure it when (the bandits) forced their way in."

At the time of the incident, both men were wearing hats, dark glasses and had their faces covered. In the safe that was taken was some money and papers, although investigators said Tuesday afternoon they were unsure how much money was in it.

The weapon used was thought to have been a .40-caliber handgun. Investigators are attempting to follow up on a theory that Peters might have been targeted.