'The Exchange' owner arrested for stolen DVDs

ALBANY, Ga. -- A local business owner has been charged with six felonies stemming from an undercover operation during which authorities said he bought DVDs he knew were stolen from Target.

James Albert Vanzant was arrested after Dougherty County sheriff's deputies served search warrants at his store, 'The Exchange," on Dawson Road.

Capt. Craig Dodd said deputies confiscated a box full of stolen DVDs following the undercover work.

"It's obvious to us that not only did he know the DVDs he was buying were stolen, that he gave our informants a wish list of DVDs he wanted," Dodd said.

Dodd said the sheriff's office learned of the activity through a confidential informant. Following the tip, undercover officers spent several days going into the store with DVDs -- many of which still were wrapped in plastic and stickers from Target -- and selling Vanzant more than $500 worth of DVDs.

Vanzant has been charged with three counts of theft by receiving stolen property and three counts of fencing retail property, Dodd said.

At one point during the investigation, Dodd said Vanzant gave the undercover officers a list of DVDs he had determined would fetch top dollar. The officers returned with the items and he readily bought them.

Dodd said the sheriff's office worked with security officials from Target to identify stolen merchandise and to recover the items from Vanzant's store.

The investigation is ongoing and may result in additional arrests, as Dodd said the department believes Vanzant may have had a partner knowingly helping him.