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Mark Richt out as Georgia football coach November 29, 2015

Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

LEESBURG -- Josh Cabrera went leaping, high, high, higher, until he looked just like Lee County felt -- 10 feet off the ground.

And when he landed in the end zone with his second touchdown catch of the night, it took him a while to even describe how he felt.

After a few moments, he said simply, "Wonderful ... just wonderful.''

Take a good hard look at Cabrera, a 14-year-old freshman. He's the face of Lee County's future. The problem is no one in Leesburg cares about the future.

That's how good it feels right now because times have never been this good.

The Trojans, thanks to seven touchdown passes from quarterback Justin Walker, beat Terrell County, 57-14, on Friday night in Leesburg, where they packed the Lee County side and nobody went home early.

"That's three games and three running clocks,'' said Lee County coach Dean Fabrizio, whose team put up 50 points in the first half and played with a running clock in the second half for the third week in a row.

Lee County is 3-0, and that's news around Leesburg, where the Trojans had only started four seasons in their history with a 3-0 sprint from the gate. But nobody flies like this group -- nobody.

"It's all about the tempo,'' said Walker, who is the pilot (call him Sky Walker) of this high-throttle offense that takes off and hardly ever comes down.

James Terrell agreed.

"We want to be fast on offense,'' said Terrell, a receiver who caught three TD passes -- all in the first half, including a 45-yarder that lifted Lee to a 50-8 halftime lead.

The Trojans just never slow down.

There's no huddle, no waiting at Lee, where the Trojans have been a step ahead of everyone they have played. Walker completed 14 of 21 for 268 yards and six TD passes in the first half alone, then threw only two passes on a short series in the third quarter before sitting down for the night. His final TD pass -- a 10-yarder -- was to T.J. Thomas, a sophomore backup.

"I have no idea,'' said Walker when he was asked if he knew how many TDs he'd tossed. "I don't know how many I threw. It doesn't matter. It's about the team. It's all about this offense and the tempo. We want to be faster than the defense.''

They've been flying by defenses all season. Walker has already thrown 15 touchdown passes and has yet to play a full game, and Lee County has scored 163 points -- the most of any school in Georgia.

Lee's critics say the Trojans haven't played anyone because their first three games were against Class A teams.

Fabrizio has an answer for that.

"Monroe,'' he said. "We scrimmaged (Herald No. 2) Monroe (and won), and that's a pretty good team.''

One of the best. Monroe, a Class AAA power, is arguably one of the top teams in Southwest Georgia, and Lee County put up 45 points on the Tornadoes in a scrimmage, beating them handily, 45-30.

"Look, we have a long way to go,'' Fabrizio said. "We have a lot to work on. We're just trying to get better from week to week.''

The idea is to get ready for the most brutal Region AAAA race in the state, a region that includes three schools with Class AAAAA enrollments, the top team in the state (Northside, Warner Robins) and the fifth ranked team, (Thomas County Central).

"I don't think anyone would trade schedules with us,'' Fabrizio said.

Terrell County (0-3) has its own brutal schedule to deal with, and the Class A Greenwave ran into trouble early against AAAA Lee, The Herald's No. 1 ranked team.

"It's been a long time since someone whipped us like that,'' Terrell County coach William Huff said. "They've got (good players) and they're well coached ... And they've got big-play ability. But we've got to get better. We have to play with more heart. We have to play with more pride.''

The Greenwave had their moments: Jerkerious Scott threw TD passes to Charles Brown (a 10-yarder) and Basheer Rogers (a 6-yarder), but the smaller school couldn't stay with Lee, which scored on four Walker TD passes in the first quarter to lead 29-8 at the first break.

Lee is turning tradition upside down with a high-flying offense that has everyone in Leesburg talking about a football program that won two games over the previous two seasons and only five since 2006.

"Being 3-0 feels wonderful. It's been a long time around here,'' said Cabrera, who made two catches, both for touchdowns. He grabbed an 18-yarder then went sky-high for a 19-yard TD catch with 3:39 left in the half.

Sanford Seay also had a TD catch in the first half (a 23-yarder) and finished the half with four catches for 63 yards. Terrell had four for 78 in the first half. Tailback Denzel Eckles scored on a 2-yard run and made a highlight tape play with a 56-catch and run that set up a TD.

"Our offense has really played well,'' Fabrizio said. "That's a lot of points (50 in one half). The offensive line played great and our quarterback played well. We know we have a lot of games to play.

"I think we're ahead of schedule of where I thought we would be at this point. It's hard to say (how much ahead). We definitely feel good about a lot of things we're doing.''

And 3-0?

"Well, 3-0 is exciting,'' Fabrizio said. "I know it doesn't look like

it, but we have a lot of things to work on. But it's great to see the crowd we had (here Friday night) and people are excited about this football team.''