Candidate vows no salary

LEESBURG -- Leesburg City Council candidate Jeff Sexton offered proof that he's not a typical politician at a called news conference Monday when he vowed, if elected, not to accept the salary that goes along with the job.

"I don't know how we'd work this out, but my goal is not to cost the city a penny for my service on the council," Sexton said. "I think the yearly salary would be around $1,000, and I would use that money for the restoration of the city's Central Park.

"I also do not plan to take advantage of benefits -- health care, use of a cell phone -- that the city provides."

Sexton and businesswoman Rhonda Futch will face off Sept. 21 in a special election called to fill a vacant seat on the seven-person council.

Sexton, a Web designer and political blogger, also said he plans to donate DVD copies of all City Council, Lee County Commission and Lee Planning Commission meetings he's videotaped during the past two years.

"I am working now to make DVD copies of all the meetings I've shot," said the candidate, who held the news conference on the lawn of the Lee County Library branch in Leesburg. "I look at this as a historical project. If the technology to watch DVDs still exists 50 years from now, people will be able to see what really happened at any of the city or county meetings."

Registered city of Leesburg voters will be able to cast early ballots in the special election through Friday. Ballots will be cast at Fire/EMS station 1 starting at 7 a.m. on Sept. 21.

Sexton is making a second run for the Leesburg council, while Futch -- owner/operator of a telecommunications company -- is making a first try for public office.