Don't cloud your 'you' view

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

Have you ever taken the time to celebrate yourself right where you are, for all that you are, just as you are?

Not surprisingly, many of us do not often. I would render a guess that this is because rarely are we conscious of our good, our successes, our triumphs. We cannot see our resilience for the cloudiness of our struggles. We cannot appreciate our strength for the focus on our deficiencies.

Perhaps you are always comparing yourself to others. This does not serve you well at all. In fact, it does you such a huge injustice in that such comparisons do not account for the unique circumstances that have been your experiences and the unique way in which those experiences have shaped the person that you've become. Comparing yourself to others negates your personal value; it impairs your view of yourself. By not honoring your self-worth, you cannot possibly recognize that which you have to celebrate.

I think that it is important, however, to take time to do a bit of "self-inventory" in which you make note of all the ways that make you special and worthy of happiness in this world.

You can have as much as you think you deserve. You are only as old as you tell yourself you feel. Your mistakes are not stupid, if you learned from them. Even if it took you a few times to get the lesson. Of course, you don't do everything right, but nor do you do everything wrong. That makes you human.

Maybe you don't feel like you have much to celebrate. You think about all the mistakes you've made and all the setbacks you've encountered and you feel a sense of dissatisfaction and more severely in some cases, a sense of shame. Moving from this place requires a change in the conversation that you are having with yourself presently. So you think, so you say, so you believe, thus, so you are. So, rethink it. So say something different. What you believe and who you will become will follow suit. This sort of alignment of thought and action will inevitably bring about change. It clears your vision of yourself so that where it is necessary, you can forgive yourself and begin to lay claim to your greatness.

Celebrate yourself, not only the parts that are nice and pretty, clean and polished, but the parts that you've overcome or are struggling to overcome. Healing and growth, prosperity and health do not bud from barren places, but from places where the ground is fertile. If this is so, then, in the midst of those things that you want to overcome or those things that you desire to have or to be, you have to plant seeds that give rise to that. That means that you have to celebrate all of you.

Do not allow fear and feelings of unworthiness to stop you from being able to look at yourself in the mirror and to really see ...

We are all imperfect beings with continued shortcomings. We are all in need of perfect grace to be sustained. However, we are worthy creations no matter how fragile or broken, scarred, or damaged.

.. you.

Be encouraged.

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