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Police/Fire/EMS - Sept. 15, 2010

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany Police Department officers responded to at least seven incidents Monday into the early hours of Tuesday, according to available police reports. Police responded to incidents including:

-- Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana on the 1400 block of East First Street;

-- Burglary on the 1000 block of Vandeman Street, the 1800 block of Godsden Drive, the 3100 block of Crepe Myrtle Court, the 800 block of West Seventh Avenue, the 200 block of Franklin Drive, the 300 block of Harding Street, the 900 block of Hobson Street and the 400 block of South Slappey Boulevard;

-- Theft by taking on the 500 block of Swift Street, the 300 block of Carriage Lane, the 1600 block of Pearl Avenue and the 700 block of North Carroll Street;

-- Entering auto on the 3900 block of Newton Road;

-- Financial card transaction fraud on the 1000 block of Dunes Drive;

-- Theft by taking an air conditioner on the 200 block of Franklin Drive;

-- Theft by taking children's bicycles on the 1600 block of Marbury Lane;

-- Missing person, a woman, reported on the 1200 block of Colquitt Avenue;

-- Domestic (unfounded) on the 1800 block of Broad Avenue, the 600 block of Moultrie Road, the 600 block of North Davis Street and the 300 block of Mulberry Avenue.

LEE SHERIFF: Lee County deputies responded to at least seven calls, according to police reports.

Deputies responded to incidents including:

-- Criminal trespass on the 100 block of Keyridge Drive;

-- Wanted person on the 1500 block of U.S. 19;

-- Person wanted for motor vehicle theft on the on the 600 block of 17th Avenue;

-- Theft and recovered property on the 1700 block of Philema Road;

-- Animal call, a man's two dogs were fighting on the 300 block of Sportsman Club Road and one bit him;

-- Burglary, theft of an $1,800 Dell laptop computer and $200 in damage to windows on the 100 block of Endoline Drive.

ALBANY FIRE: Albany firefighters responded to 11 calls including:

-- A vehicle crash, five activated alarms, two EMS calls, an unauthorized burning, a short in electrical equipment and unattended cooking.

-- Compiled by Pete Skiba