Albany Mall Cinnabon owners find success

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- After less than a year of opening their first bakery, Cinnabon owners Frank and Sarah Ross say the passion they still feel for their business is what fuels their continuous growth and success.

A success that has been noticed by FOCUS Brands, the company that owns Cinnabon.

The Rosses, who own and operate the local Cinnabon which is located in the Albany Mall, were recently selected to appear in the Summer edition of InFocus magazine -- FOCUS Brands' seasonal magazine that highlights the growth and progress of the company's brands and its franchise partners.

FOCUS Brands Public Relations-Communications Manager Karen Gailey said the Rosses' love for the Cinnabon brand and the fact that the bakery in Albany boasts the company's new design made them perfect candidates to be featured in InFocus.

"They were the perfect pair to profile this time around," Gailey wrote in an e-mail to The Herald. "(The Rosses were chosen) based on their passion for the Cinnabon brand, the stellar results they've achieved so far and the fact that their bakery features our new design -- which was one of the themes we focused on in the summer issue."

The communications manager said the Rosses have an excellent track record of scoring extremely high on "mystery shops" and are always delivering to their customers high-quality products and services. "Mystery shops" are paid industry shoppers who evaluate a location, its products and its employees for FOCUS Brands.

"They live and breathe Cinnabon and FOCUS Brands' values," Gailey said.

The Rosses said it was important to them that everyone at the Albany Cinnabon work hard to exemplify the company's values and make sure guests leave with a positive experience.

"We make sure all team members know and exemplify them (the five Cinnabon values)," said Frank. "When they walk in the door, we have them recite the values to reinforce the importance of displaying them at work. Our goal is to score 100 on every mystery shop visit. We want to score 100 with every guest, whether it's a mystery shop or not."

The efforts of the Rosses and team members at Cinnabon paid off in the first quarter of this year when the Albany store was the No. 1 franchise in the nation in sales according to corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

Frank Ross said the success of the Albany Cinnabon has led the couple to open a second one in Columbus at a location in the Peachtree Mall.

The Rosses said construction should be completed later this year on the new store.

"We are very excited about the opportunity," Frank Ross said. "We worked very hard to open up our first bakery and we are eager to begin work on our second bakery in Columbus."

Gailey said FOCUS Brands are excited that the smell of Cinnabon's tasty treats will soon be wafting through the Peachtree Mall.

"We're thrilled the Rosses have chosen to open another Cinnabon bakery," she said. "They are the epitome of brand ambassadors and their new location will allow us to continue strengthening and expanding the Cinnabon brand -- so it's truly a win-win situation."