APD reports dog owners for cruelty

ALBANY, Ga. -- Sickness, injury and death plagued two dogs due to the cruelty of their owners, Albany Police Department reports stated.

One arrest was made at about 12:45 p.m. Tuesday on the 1400 block of East Roosevelt Avenue for cruelty to an animal and there could be more in connection with another case, the reports added.

Jenny Mae Belyea, 22, was arrested for cruelty to an animal, said a Dougherty County Jail spokeswoman. She was able to sign herself out of jail on the charge, she added.

When an officer arrived at Belyea's residence, "He observed a small dog (pit bull) that was badly injured, sick and malnourished in the rear of the residence."

Belyea said she could not afford to care for the ill dog, the report stated. No mention was made of what happened to the dog in the reports.

The fate of a female black, white and tan border collie was known, she died of inhumane treatment, the reports stated.

Neighbors reported that the dog was hit by a car Saturday, the report said. Somehow the dog made it to a home on the 1500 block of Evelyn Avenue, the report added.

When an officer arrived Sunday he found the dog "had a pelvic fracture and severe swelling to her posterior region. She was also covered in fleas."

There was another dog running free in the yard, the reports added. Officers attempted to contact the dog's owners at the house to no avail Sunday and Monday. No one answered the door, the reports stated.

On Monday, the dog was taken to a veterinarian, who euthanized it because of the extent of its injuries, the report stated.

When the dog's owners are found they face two counts of their dogs not wearing tags, two counts of animals running at large and two counts of inhumane treatment, the report stated.