Circus to make stop in Albany

ALBANY, Ga. -- Tigers and ligers and elephants, oh my!

The big top is rolling back into the Good Life City this Monday as the Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars prepares for its 126th edition.

"The Cole Bros. Circus has been around for 126 years, and we've been coming to Albany for about 45 of those years," said Ron West, senior marketing director for the circus.

This year, the circus welcomes tigers back to the big top, and appearing with the tigers will be a juvenile liger: a rare lion/tiger hybrid. The circus will also feature five performing elephants and Jennifer Herriott Walker's spectacular dog show. Performing camels, zebras and ponies will round out the animal side of the show.

The circus will also feature Angels in the Air, the all-female troupe of flying trapeze artists, a hilarious performance by Professor Know-Y and his clown crew, and the daring Globe of Death.

"The Globe of Death has our youngest performer (12-year-old Wendy) in it," said West. "She performs with her brother, and it is quite a show."

Closing the show each night will be the human cannonball.

"We start the show off with a roar and end with a bang," quipped West.

The circus will be held from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday at the Albany Mall at 2601 Dawson Road.

Admission to the circus is $17 for adults and $12 for children under 13. Tickets may be purchased at 5th Avenue Fashions in the Albany

Mall or at www.tickets.com. Tickets can also be purchased by phone at (888) 332-5200.

Free children's tickets are available at freekidstickets.com.