LookingBack Sept.12

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

Each week Albany Herald researcher Mary Braswell looks for interesting events, places and people from the past. You can contact her at (229) 888-9371 or mary.braswell@albanyherald.com.

A new television season is upon us but before that happens, here is a trivia quiz about shows from seasons past.

1. What kind of car was the General Lee as seen on "Dukes of Hazzard"?

2. In 1997, "The Simpsons" broke the record of what show for the longest-running animated TV program?

3. Who was originally cast as Carol Brady but dropped before filming started?

4. Jerry Mathers is best known for his role as the Beaver on "Leave it to Beaver," which ran from 1957-1963. In 1955, however, he made his movie debut in what film?

5. Which "Star Trek" actor had previously been unable to land regular work for the past 17 years?

6. The "think music" on "Jeopardy" was written by the show's creator Merv Griffin. What is the name of the tune?

7. June Foray provided the barking for Little Ricky's dog on "I Love Lucy." What other characters did she bring to life?

8. How did Alan Young (Wilbur) get Mr. Ed to talk?

9. Why was Lucille Ball unhappy when Desi Arnaz hired Walter Winchell as the narrator for Desilu's "The Untouchables?"

10. Whose hand was really in the box on the "Addams Family?"

11. During the third season of the "Cosby Show," Phylicia Rashad (Claire Huxstable) was pregnant. How was this fact kept from the viewing audience?

12. Was Wilma Flintstone ever seen wearing shoes? If so, how many times?

13. Jerry Van Dyke turned down the lead role on "Gilligan's Island" and a role on the "Andy Griffith Show" for what other opportunity?

14. The only time Ralph Edwards did not host "This is Your Life" was on January 30, 1957. Who substituted for him that evening?

15. On "Mary Tyler Moore," what did the station letters WJM stand for?

16. Who was the only regular cast member on "M*A*S*H" to actually serve in the Army in Korea?

17. What was the longest-running of the "fantasy sitcoms" that dominated the airwaves in the mid-1960s?

18. What TV show showed the first interracial kiss on American network television?

19. What series, originally set during WWII, jumped ahead to the 1970s with the beginning of its second season?

20. Why are the Simpsons shaded yellow?

21. What do the following have in common: "The Brady Bunch," "Lost in Space," "Happy Days," "Adam-12," "Laugh-In," "Family Affair," "The Munsters," "Dark Shadows" and about a dozen or more other shows?

22. When Buffalo Bob Smith suffered a heart attack in 1954, who filled in as host of "Howdy Doody?"

23. Lucille Ball's son, Desi Arnaz Jr., was born the same day as the "I Love Lucy" character, Little Ricky. The two arrived on January 19 of what year?

24. Which of Jim Henson's Muppets was the first to become a regular on national television?

25. What TV show featured radio station WBHR?

26. On the "Smurfs," what was the name of the cat?

27. On "Family Ties," who was Alex P. Keaton's idol?

28. What was the name of the TV show with the theme song that began, "Believe it or not, I'm walking on air ..."?

29. What were the first names of the Simon brothers on "Simon & Simon?"

30. Where did Barney carry the one bullet he was allowed to have on "The Andy Griffith Show?"

31. On "Three's Company," what was Chrissy's name short for?

32. What "Saturday Night Live" cast member left in 1994 after being in a record 153 shows?

33. What was the only TV show of the 1970s to have its theme song top Billboard's Hot 100?

34. What was the name of the football team on "Coach?"

35. On "Laverne & Shirley," what was Laverne's favorite drink?


1. 1969 Dodge Charger

2. "The Flintstones"

3. Joyce Bulifant -- known best for her role as Nurse Georgianna Comstock on "McHale's Navy"

4. Alfred Hitchcock's "The Trouble with Harry"

5. Leonard Nimoy

6. "Time for Tony" -- dedicated to his son, Tony

7. Rocket J. Squirrel and Natasha Fatale on the "Rocky & Bullwinkle Show"

8. His trainer would tap him on the leg. Mr. Ed became so accustomed to "talking" to Wilbur that he would often start moving his lips as soon as Wilbur stopped talking without a tap.

9. Walter Winchell reported that Lucy was a Communist.

10. With few exceptions, Ted Cassidy (Lurch) played the role of "Thing." He even had a separate contract for the job.

11. The producers raised the kitchen counters on the kitchen set and cut a hole in the Huxtable's bed so that her stomach would appear flat.

12. Once -- in the pilot episode, "The Swimming Pool"

13. To play on "My Mother the Car" -- Van Dyke would later say the show was so bad he had trouble getting work for years afterwards.

14. Ronald Reagan

15. "Wild" Jack Monroe, the station owner

16. Jamie Farr (Maxwell Q. Klinger)

17. "Bewitched"

18. "Star Trek" (Nov. 22, 1968 episode, "Plato's Stepchildren")

19. "Wonder Woman"

20. To attract the attention of channel-hoppers

21. They were all featured in 3-D View Master reels. A set of three reels in the original envelope is worth about $75-$100 today.

22. Gabby Hayes

23. 1953

24. Rowlf the Dog was created for "The Jimmy Dean Show" and appeared from September 1963 through April 1966 for 7-10 minutes each show.

25. "Northern Exposure"

26. Azriel

27. Richard Nixon

28. "Greatest American Hero"

29. Rick and A.J.

30. When the need arose, Barney retrieved his bullet from the left breast pocket of his uniform shirt in all but one episode. On Episode No. 117, "The Shoplifters," Barney dug out his bullet from his right shirt pocket.

31. Christmas

32. Phil Hartman

33. "Welcome Back, Kotter"

34. Screaming Eagles

35. Milk and Pepsi (mixed)