Civic center candidate out

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

Photo by Joe Bellacomo

ALBANY, Ga. -- City officials will restart the process to fill the director's vacancy at the Albany Civic Center after their top candidate withdrew from consideration Monday, city officials say.

Shannon McCullough, currently a top administrator at the Classic Center in Athens, notified City Manager Alfred Lott Monday via e-mail that he was appreciative of the offer, but that he would decline.

"What a thrill it was to hear that I was being named. However, after much consideration and conversation with my family, I will have to informally decline the position," McCullough stated in the e-mail.

McCullough goes on to state that he based his decision to withdraw on the "potential for another opportunity at my present venue," stating that should a November sales tax referendum be passed in Athens, new doors would open for him there.

McCullough also said that one of the reasons he wanted the job initially was because of Lott, who has tendered his resignation effective next summer.

"Additionally, one of the main reasons I looked to Albany was certainly because of you and your leadership," McCullough wrote. "I will be honest, knowing that you would be leaving in the next year has definitely played a role in my decision."

McCullough had risen to the top of candidates vying to replace former civic center director John Mazzola, who left for a position in Dodge City, Kan. earlier this year.

There was one additional candidate, but he withdrew from consideration when the city informed him that his name and resume would be disclosed to the public and the media as required under Georgia law.

Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said Monday that since there were no viable candidates left, the city would initiate another search.