Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

Just wondering...

Just wondering if anyone has had a stretch of bad luck like Reggie Bush, who lost Kim Kardashian and the Heisman in a matter of months.

Do I think Vince Young should have been given the Heisman? Yeah, I thought Bush should have handed it to him years ago as Young was leaving the Rose Bowl, where Young almost single-handedly beat Southern Cal and Bush to win the BCS title. Bush could have caught up with Young in the tunnel, tapped him on the shoulder and said: "I think this belongs to you.''

Just wondering if bail is included as part of the football scholarship package at Florida. The number of the week is pretty obvious: It's 30, as in the number of arrests of Florida football players since Urban Meyer has been coaching there.

That's 30 arrests in six years. I'm thinking, six would be a lot, and 10 to 12 would be alarming. Once the number hits 15, I'm thinking maybe someone's job is on the line. Do the words lack of institutional control mean anything at Florida?

What do they tell the parents of the kids they recruit? Come to Florida, where we can guarantee your son will have a 50-50 chance of going to the NFL, or going to jail.

There have actually been more players arrested (27) than players drafted to the NFL in Meyer's stint at Florida, where 26 Gators have been drafted in the past six years. Meyer recruited only 12 of those. The other 14 NFL draftees were recruited by Ron Zook, who left the cupboard stuffed with talent. One of the reasons Zook was fired was because he threatened members of a fraternity house.

Meyer never did that. He just threatened a member of the media.

Just wondering what would have happened if that had been Alex Rodriguez faking getting hit by a pitch instead of Yankee teammate Derek Jeter. A-Rod would have been shredded by the New York media (the back page of The Post would have read "Fake-Rod'') and he would have been ripped from coast to coast.

Just wondering if Mark McGwire will keep his job as the Cardinals hitting coach. Is there a team in all of baseball that has underachieved the way the Cardinals have this season? On paper, the Cards were a lock to not only win the NL Central, but to run away with it.

One of the big problems? The new hitting coach. Do you realize that six of the eight every day players for the Cardinals have seen their batting averages drop this season, including even Albert Pujols, whose numbers are slightly down (.327 to .307 in hitting, 47 to 39 in HR and 135 to 107 RBI with less than two weeks left in the season). A lot of other players have seen bigger slides.

Felipe Lopez (.301 to .231), Yadier Molina (.293 to .263), Skip Schumaker (.303 to .271), Brendan Ryan (.292 to .220), and Matt Holliday (.353 in half a season in St. Louis to .312).

The only Cardinal who started last year and this year who has improved at the plate is Colby Rasmus, who was a rookie a year ago. Randy Winn, who joined the Cardinals in midseason, is hitting .265 with St. Louis. He hit .262 last year.

Nice job, Big Mac.

Just wondering why McGwire was allowed back in baseball. He was such an embarrassment to the game. Let's get this straight. He cheated and then he lied, and then made a mockery of the most revered record in sports. Then lied again.

Then on his return to the game, he tells us that he only did steroids so he could be on the field with his teammates, and that steroids had nothing to do with his ability to hit home runs.

That's like Tiger Woods telling his ex-wife: "Yeah, I cheated on you, honey. But I just did it for the conversation.''

Just wondering why the Marlins didn't give Atlanta manager Bobby Cox a farewell gift and honor him this season. Oh yeah, it would have cost them...Oh, what's that word? Oh yeah, money.

Everywhere Cox went, teams paid tribute to him and honored the future Hall of Famer. It's hard to find anyone in baseball who deserves more respect than Cox, who didn't just win, but won with the most professional approach in the game. I covered big league baseball for more than a decade, and there was no clubhouse in the majors like Atlanta's. The minute you walked in there, the feeling was so different. This was first class, get-down-to-business, no nonsense baseball. Simply put, the very way the Braves carried themselves was different.

It didn't matter which group of Braves (and they changed a lot of players over the years) you talked to the message was always the same. That class and approach to the game the Braves wore on their sleeves came directly from Cox, who never got the credit he deserved for the job he did in Atlanta. Personally, I hate to see him retire because baseball needs men like Cox.

I have never been a Braves fan (I'm new to Georgia), but have always respected and admired the organization, and especially Cox. I would be lying if I didn't tell you how much I've pulled for them this year. There's nothing I would rather see than for the Braves to win it all and for Cox go out on top.

Cox will go out on top whether the Braves win the World Series or not, but how sweet would this taste, how fitting would it be for Cox to win it all with this team, this scrappy, rag-tag team that was put together so quietly and unassumingly -- this team that has hung in there all year when most thought they would go away?

But these Braves are still around, ready to make one final push -- one final, unforgettable run.

Just like their manager.