PC cops hit the NFL locker room

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

Well, well, well, the political correctness police have struck again, deep in the bowels of the National Football League.

You may have seen where sideline reporter, Ines Sainz, claims members of the New York Jets football team made suggestive remarks to her after she entered their locker room to interview players after a game. They called that news. It would be news if the players talked with her about knitting, not if they brought up sex.

My God. I'm shocked. What next? I guess you'll tell me men talk about sex on the golf course and say four-letter words when they miss a putt. Perhaps women gossip at the beauty parlor or homeless people have poor hygiene.

Compounding the issue, Ms. Sainz normally wears bare midriff outfits, with tight-fitting shorts and a halter top. When asked about this type dress, she said she's proud of her body and has a right to dress as she feels fit. Fair enough. She is built like Rachel Welch and looks good enough to turn Elton John straight.

But, come on, what do you expect when you are gorgeous, half-naked, under 30 and you enter a locker room of mostly naked men also under 30, all also built like Adonis, and all used to being pampered and having their way?

The only place she could go where someone might be more likely to act inappropriate would be the Hells Angels Clubhouse in Los Angeles. Come to think of it, an NFL locker room probably has more convicted felons than a Hells Angel Clubhouse.

Clinton Portis, Redskins running back said as much. He said what do you expect the 53 guys to do, of course they're looking at her and probably even hitting on her and, hey, she's probably looking at them, too. Heaven forbid, the NFL denounced such a barbaristic caveman statement and said it was not in keeping with the standards expected of NFL players.

Who knew, the NFL has standards? Never mind sexual assaults, dogfighting, drug convictions, every alcohol related offense known to mankind, domestic abuse, gambling, steroid use, and the fact you couldn't find more than two or three college graduates in any given locker room, even though they all went to college on a scholarship; this language simply will not do.

Of course, poor Mr. Portis apologized, admitting the error of his way. Give me a break. The NFL needs to get a life and so does she.

Listen, she has every right to pursue her job, dress like she wants and, I guess, enter the locker room, although I'm pretty sure if I was a male reporter they would not let me in the female athletes locker room no matter how much I protested it would limit my ability to interview the athletes.

In fact, entering the locker room would probably inhibit my ability to interview because I would babble endlessly if the room was full of a bunch of naked athletes.

Regardless, she needs to remember it is a men's locker room.

Chances are pretty good that you will see naked men in the locker room.

Most of these men are single, and most that are married don't act like it.

Dressing like you're going to a disco to interview a ball player would be sort of like me wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to argue a case and then complaining the judge did not treat me with proper respect.

Portis had it right. If you want to enter the locker room then be prepared for the folks in the locker room to act like, well, folks in the locker room.

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