Historic Thomasville Plantation up for sale

THOMASVILLE, Ga: Longpine Plantation, owned for many years by the family of auto pioneer Henry Ford, has been placed on the market with an asking price of $42 million.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that Ford's granddaughter, Josephine Ford, ran the 6,000-acre south Georgia for nearly 40 years until her death in 2005. It features a main residence of 4,500 square feet, a kennel, stables and staff residences. It's famous as a hunting preserve and is particularly popular among quail hunters.

In addition to a 7-acre pond near the main residence, there is a 15-acre floodable duck pond, the 80-100 acre Rigdon Pond and 43-acre Lake Josephine.

Jon Kohler, whose plantation brokerage firm represents the Ford family trust, which owns the property, said Thursday it's the first time Longpine has been on the market since 1888.