UPDATE: Dougherty grand jury indicts men for alleged sex crimes against pre-teens

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

ALBANY, Ga: The Dougherty County grand jury has handed down indictments in two separate cases involving sex crimes against 11-year-old girls, officials say.

Kenneth Dewayne Brown, 20, and Anthony Jackson, 18, were individually indicted Wednesday for alleged crimes in two separate cases, District Attorney Greg Edwards said.

Brown is accused of "sexting," several photos of his penis to an 11-year-old girl for what Edwards said was his intention to entice the girl for sexual purposes.

In an unrelated incident, Jackson has been indicted for the alleged forcible rape of another 11-year-old girl. The grand jury handed down aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, rape and party to the crime of rape indictments against him.

Edwards said both cases illustrate the dangers that exist in the world for children and vowed to vigorously prosecute both men.

"We have two cases here where men were targeting preteens, 11-year-old girls," Edwards said. "The frightening part is that there are others out there. ... I'll do my best, if we get a conviction, to hammer home the message that this type of behavior won't be tolerated, and our children won't be preyed upon."

According to court records, Brown is charged with electronically furnishing obscene photos to a minor after investigators say he used his cell phone to text photos of his penis to the girl along with suggestive messages such as "dis fore you" and one that asks her to perform oral sex on him.

Edwards said the images and messages were brought to a relative's attention, who then reported it to police.

"This so-called 'sexting' issue is one that we've been trying to deal with in this office, but technology hasn't made it easy for us," Edwards said. "Whether it's done as some kind of flirtation between teens or, as in this case, meant to entice or lure the victim to perform some sexual act, it has potential long-term implications."

In discussing Jackson, Edwards used particularly strong language to describe a person he called a "predatory individual" and vowed that he would exercise the full resources of his office to prosecute him.

"This was a particularly brutal crime on this young girl," Edwards said. "This is a particularly chilling example of the dangers that are out there from these types of predatory individuals."

Jackson is currently awaiting trial after being indicted Aug. 25 on charges stemming from a July 2009 attack on a female during which he's alleged to have punched, slapped and put a gun to the head of the female victim when he was 17.

He has entered a not guilty plea.