Suspects arrested in 2002 murder

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- A cold case involving the murder of Willie Gipson in November 2002 resurfaced Friday when investigators arrested Toledo Antorn Love on murder charges before 6:30 a.m., said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Then, Worth County Sheriff's Office Deputies arrested Anthony Terrell Richardson on murder charges after 4 p.m. Friday, said Worth County Sheriff's Deputy Tommy Adams.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Love on the 200 block of Frost Street. Deputies were scheduled to pick Richardson up and take him to the Dougherty County Jail.

"When we originally arrested them we didn't have enough evidence at that time," Edwards said. "Now we have enough evidence beyond a reasonable doubt."

A grand jury handed down murder indictments against both men Thursday after Edwards met with a witness who provided additional evidence in the beating death of Gipson at his 1403 Elva St. home almost a decade ago.

"I was working with him (the witness) on another matter," Edwards said. "Then a key witness provided additional evidence in this case."

Edwards would not discuss the new evidence that will now be added to what the Albany Police Department had uncovered. Gipson had been a supervisor of Richardson's while they worked at a Wendy's restaurant.

Gipson's beaten body was discovered by a relative after Gibson had not been to work for a couple days. He died of blunt force trauma.