Stilettos to rule mile-long race

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- Women wear them as a matter of fashion. But men, yeah men, will don 4-inch stiletto heels to "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" to raise awareness and money in the fight against sexual abuse at 9 a.m. Saturday.

The occasion is the second annual race at Deerfield-Windsor School's track sponsored by Lily Pad Sane Center Inc., a shelter for sexually abused women and children.

"The men have sponsors and have been asked to raise $500 each for the race," said Caitlyn Cooper, Lily Pad's development officer.

"Last year we had 92 men walk, this year 125 have signed up."

While the participants wobble, grimace from the pain and sort of walk the track, observers can hoot and holler for their favorites.

This year, there will be another chance to view the walkers on a red carpet as they to strut their stuff before the audience. The audience can then vote with cash to decide just who has the prettiest legs.

Coming back to try for a second win in the prettiest legs contest, Porsche D'Lite (Andy Martin) probably will get some competition from former Dougherty County Chief Assistant District Attorney Chris Cohilas.

Cohilas said, "The whole thing is a riot of fun. Win prettiest legs? I'll just be happy not to break my ankle."

Cohilas prosecuted people charged with physically abusing women and children while in the District Attorney's Office. He knows the underlying serious cause the fun Saturday will support.

"This is a great event. It helps raise awareness of what happens to women and children in our county and throughout southwest Georgia on a daily basis," Cohilas said. "The abuse is not talked about, but it is there every day."

Walk organizers want everyone to come out in support of the event and the fight against abuse. It will be a chance for women to take a look at men who have no idea how to walk in heels generally giving their all for a good cause.

"I grew up in a small town, so Albany is a big city with a small town heart to me," said Jason Dunn, a Lily Pad board member. "Whenever there is a function for a worthy cause, people turn out to support it.

This is a comical event with a serious mission. I hope a lot of people

turn out."