Men walk a mile in stilletto heels

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

ALBANY, Ga. -- In the spirit of altruism, more than 100 men suffered through a mile-long walk in red 4-inch, women's shoes Saturday.

To raise money for the Lily Pad SANE Center, an organization dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault and child abuse, the men swallowed their pride and put on the heels at Deerfield-Windsor School's track to "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes."

At the event last year, only one man came dressed as a woman, Porsche D'Lite (aka Andy Martin), to walk in heels. That opened the way for probably about 10 men to dress up this year.

"We came here to put on a show," said blonde-wigged Patrick Burke, wearing a slinky black dress. "If you're going to wear the heels, you might as well put on a dress."

It was acknowledged by Garrett Andrew's wife Melinda that her husband had the best legs at the walk. Garrett Andrew wore a red, 1920's style flapper dress and red fishnet stockings to go with his stiletto heels.

"He put the heels on for the first time last night," Melinda Andrew said. "I've been saying he's got the best legs for years."

However, the best legs prize, a trophy with a red stiletto shoe on top, went to Pete Donaldson. His family, friends and coworkers raised the votes in cash for his win.

No one working the event had the money count, but it was collected in a jar labeled with Donaldson's name on it just like the other more than 120 jars representing each of the other men.

Calculations for other winners were made and Metro Power took a trophy home for collecting $2,100 as a team. Lane Rosen collected a trophy for bringing in the most as an individual, $1,800.

The trophy for first man across the finish line went to Brian Bradshaw. He ran the four laps in heels without a stumble, fall or even a rest stop.

The first stop at the event this year was a red carpet where Amy Boney, the Lily Pad's official paparazzo for the event, and many others took each walk participant's picture. She knew the lingo.

"You look great, my dear. The red carpet is just so you," Boney said. "Who are you wearing?"

Wearing a body shirt decorated with tattooed pictures and a two-piece outfit showing off her tattooed shoulders and stomach "Chooky" (Chad Schwartz) was mistaken for "Jersey Shore's" Snooki.

His wife, Miloy Schwartz, set that straight.

"He is in character as 'Chooky,' a spring-break babe," Miloy Schwartz said. "After this, she is going to Panama City for break."

Fox anchorwoman Romney Smith hosted the event with running commentary throughout, encouraging the walkers and summing up the end of the race.

Smith said, "Everyone finished and no one got hurt."

A round of applause went up for the men who sweated, strained and had fun for a good cause.