Albany man receives life term in murder case

ALBANY, Ga. -- One Albany man was sentenced for taking a life and two other residents face murder trails in separate cases, said a court official.

Carlos Mitchell, 25, pleaded guilty Thursday to murdering 58-year-old Jonnie Williams in 2009, said Greg Edwards, Dougherty Judicial Circuit district attorney.

"We started at about 11:15 this morning and the judge almost immediately gave a sentence of life in prison without parole to Mitchell," Edwards said. "Justice was served and the death of Williams led to the Stop the Violence Movement."

Fred Williams, bishop of Gethesemane Worship Center and brother of the murdered woman, said he also thought justice had been served.

"Finally our family can move on," Williams said. "We are hoping the sentence sends a message to others. Because of my sister's death we started the Stop the Violence Movement. Perhaps her death won't be in vain."

The Stop the Violence movement connects with community youth to show them, through mentoring, workshops and sports, that there is a better way to live than gang membership and violence, Williams said.

"It was because of (Mitchell's) this man's age that we formed Stop the Violence to reach out to youth," Williams said.

The grand jury handed down indictments in two other cases Wednesday, Edwards said.

Janice Ware, 40, is charged with murdering her mother in December. LaDerick Chappell, 31, was indicted in connection with the pipe-beating death of Frankie Carr, 54, in October.

The two defendants are in Dougherty County jail on no bail, a jail spokeswoman said.

"We could start trial in September," Edwards said. "There are no aggravating circumstances in these cases calling for the death penalty."