Today is NOT the deadline to file tax returns.

Photo by Sharra Klug

Photo by Sharra Klug

It's April 15 but there is still a few days left to meet the deadline for filing tax returns.

Procrastinators get a special reprieve as the federal government is pushing the tax deadline to Monday because of a District of Columbia holiday.

About 20 to 25 percent of Georgians wait until the last week of the filing season to submit their returns, according to Internal Revenue Service spokesman Mark Green.

"The mindset is that people who wait until the very last minute [usually] owe money," Green said. "Generally the first wave of tax returns ... are refunds."

Green urged people with household incomes of less than $48,362 who worked any portion of 2010 to file, because they may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. The IRS offers a free electronic filing system on its website, he said.

More Georgians are turning toward e-filing to get their refunds faster, with e-files up 8.7 percent from years past, Green said. By Wednesday, Georgians had filed 2.8 million electronic returns out of 4.1 million expected returns.