Albany Chorale to say thanks to community

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Albany Chorale wishes to thank the community for its support. And what better way to do that than to offer a concert free and open to the public.

The lush sounds of John Rutter's "Requiem" will be featured during the event, planned for 3 p.m. Sunday at First United Methodist Church in Albany.

"Without the community's involvement, there would be no need for the Chorale," Pat Gohman, president of the Albany Chorale, said. "We just want to say (to the community), 'Hey guys, we really appreciate the support.'"

And while local support has been good, Gohman believes there are more people in town who would enjoy the organizations events.

"We have a good following, but of course we'd love to increase that following," she said.

Rutter's "Requiem" was first performed in 1985 at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas Texas.

The Chorale has enlisted the help of guest musicians Jon Durkovic on organ and Susan Brasher on oboe for this concert.

The best-known movement in "Requiem" is "The Lord is My Shepherd," which the Chorale will perform with Susan Brasher on oboe. "The Lord is My Shepherd" was written by Rutter in 1976 and he added it to the Requiem in 1985.

The second best-known movement is "Pie Jesu," which will be performed with Chorale Soprano soloist Beth Haley.

"Requiem" movements are titled from the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass: "Requiem aeternam", "Out of the Deep", "Pie(two dots over e)"; "Sanctus", "Agnus Dei", "The Lord is My Shepherd" and "Lux aeterna."

Other blessings being sung are "God be in my Head" (1970), "The Gaelic Blessing" (1978) and "The Lord Bless You and Keep You"(1981).

The Chorale was established in 1966 as the Albany Community Chorus. In 1991 is became known as the Albany Chorale.

The group has approximately 50 members and meets Mondays at Darton College to rehearse.There is one common thread that runs through those members.

"Within the group there is just a common love of good music," Gohman said. "We've done everything from popular music to folk music to classical music."

"(The Chorale) is just all walks of life who enjoy getting together and making music."

The group's season usually runs from August to June. Each year the Chorale presents a fall concert that helps pay for scholarships for music students Darton College and Albany State. Peppermint Pops is an annual Christmas event in conjunction with the Albany Symphony.

This summer there will be a special event that will serve as a fundraiser. A tribute to Broadway hits is planned for the State Theater in June, although the exact date has not been confirmed.