Spring series continues with key plants

ALBANY -- The Dougherty County Cooperative Extension office is offering the eighth class in its Spring Gardening Series at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Candy Room at 125 Pine Ave. Suite 100.

James Morgan, the county extension agent, urban horticulture, will lead a class called "Key Plants/Key Pests for Georgia." The class will focus on common plants that one would find in landscapes in south or north Georgia. Also, he will discuss which diseases and insects that may be associated with these plants.

One discussion will be on azaleas, particularly in regard to treatment and pruning.

"Scouting the landscape is a good preventive measure for controlling insects and diseases. Morgan said. "Key pests show at certain times every year and this largely has to do with the life cycle and number of generations per year."

There is a class fee of $7 per person.

Contact (229) 436-7216 or www.UGAextension.com/dougherty or morganjl@uga.edu for questions or registration.