Animal Control agents have busy day

ALBANY, Ga. -- Two dog-bite calls caused Albany Animal Control agents to quarantine dogs as a rabies precaution due to invalid or missing rabies tags, stated Albany Police Department reports.

A dog bit a 5-year-old boy while he played behind an apartment at 1311 N. Washington St. at about 5:10 p.m. Monday, a report stated. The dog was running free and belonged to Daniel Scott Richardson, 211 Sixth Ave., the report added.

"Upon requesting proof of rabies inoculation Mr. Richardson stated that he doesn't have the tag," the report stated, "however he stated the animal was current with his rabies inoculation."

The chow-mix dog was taken to a veterinarian under the monitoring of animal control agents and confined for a 10-day rabies observation, the report stated. Agents charged Richardson with having an animal running at large and not having a current rabies tag on the dog, the report indicated.

In another dog-bite case reported Tuesday, animal control agents went to 803 15th Ave. because a dog's owner, Eugene Hudson, said his male pit-bull, "Punk," bit his right forearm while he fed the dog.

"Hudson stated that he received medical treatment for the wound and that the animal is not current with rabies inoculation," the report stated. Hudson relinquished ownership of his dog, stating that the canine had become aggressive and he is afraid the dog might hurt someone else."

Animal control agents took the dog to the Albany Humane Society for a 10-day rabies observation, the report stated. No further information was immediately available.