Albany Animal Control agents target cruelty

ALBANY, Ga. -- Three dogs suffering without shelter, water and medical treatment brought animal control agents to 634 Cotton Ave., according to a Wednesday report.

"The brown shepherd mix had two open sores on his ears covered with flies," the report stated. "The white and brown bulldog also had sores on his ears. The black and tan shepherd mix was tied under the house."

The dogs had dug a hole in the yard to get out of the hot sun, the report stated. All were tied in the back yard, it added.

The dog's owner, identified in the report as Tyris Jenkins, said that "the dogs destroyed their houses and he did not have time to fix it."

According to the report, Jenkins received three citations for inhumane treatment, one for each dog. He also received citations for the dogs not having rabies shot tags.

The report added, "Jenkins stated that the dogs didn't receive rabies vaccinations."