'Cops on Doughnuts' seeks $15,000 for Special Olympics

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- It was fun for volunteers and donors alike during "Cops on Doughnuts" at Krispy Kreme Friday.

The event, featuring officers, deputies and volunteers from many local law enforcement agencies, continues today at 7 a.m. Plans call for the Special Olympics fundraiser to end Monday night.

"The goal is to raise at least $15,000 to send the kids to the Special Olympics," said Kristin Caso, of the Recreation and Parks Department at noon. "I'm sure we've collected several thousands sine 7 a.m."

As a bonus, anyone donating more than $20 got a baseball cap for their generosity. A coupon for a dozen glazed was also available for $20. T-shirts were given out for $10. Doughnut coupons for free Krispy Kremes were flying out of the tent next to the doughnut shop to smaller donors.

Several Albany Police Department officers were placing donation buckets next to car windows for the first time. They all said they would be at the corner next year for the fundraiser.

Officer Kirsten Watson said, "This is great. Having so much fun to help the kids get to the Special Olympics is really a lot of fun."

Watson and other officers such as Angela Sherman, Dramoski Franklin, Rose Dehbozorgi and Dougherty County Sheriff's Chaplain Vinson Hill practiced waving to passersby in a special way to encourage donations.

"In honor of the royal wedding they're doing the royal wave," said Cason as she shouted encouragement.

The royal wave, in case you missed the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is a hand straight up, slow incomplete twist motion.

Other community groups such as 35 Job Corps members volunteered to help raise money through the weekend.

Job Corps members Fredarious Gunn and Ashton McIntosh dutifully held up signs while sheriff's deputies collected money in Buckets during their shift as volunteers.

Dougherty County Police Department staff, jail personnel and Dougherty County School Police also took shifts as did probably most cops who ever ate a doughnut in the area, no matter their agency.

One donor drove up on a bicycle to drop off his donation.

"No matter what it is for a good cause," Javis Walker said as he sat astride his bicycle. "All the kids should have a chance to go to their Olympics."